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GMax Studios' Project 52 On Instagram!

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  • GMax Studios' Project 52 On Instagram!

    Hi everybody,

    Project 52 has begun. Head on to the Instagram handle @gmaxstudios to participate.

    Project 52 is all about polishing your photography skills. There are 52 weeks in a year. Which means, 52 different themes of photography.

    Rules for participation: Upload your photograph with the our handle name: @gmaxstudios and hashtags: #GmaxStudiosProject52 along with the week number & theme name (for e.g. #Week19 #Monochrome)

    We will #Repost some good ones on GMax Studios Instagram page. Remember that a #Repost is only for encouragement and not for making you famous.

    Even if your photograph is not being reposted, know that you've practiced another theme - which is the purpose of this project.

    Go on - practice, share and learn!
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    Cheers and Regards,


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    Hello everybody,

    Hope you guys are participating in #gmaxstudiosproject52 on Instagram! Send in your entries for #week21 theme on Love if you haven't already!

    Cheers and Regards,



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      Hi Rishab

      #gmaxstudiosproject55, seems to be typo.
      Thought to update as it might confuse new members like me


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        Hi, where can we get to know about the ongoing theme?


        • rishabh@gmaxstudios
          Editing a comment
          Hey Avi. We've put Project 52 on hold for the moment. As Gorky M. mentioned in the live session two weeks ago - people have been clogging Instagram with the #GMaxStudiosProject52 hashtag by adding it to every image they post. It's not an ideal situation, and we're currently working that one out.